Latest Lockdown info

07 Jan

7th Jan 2021

Dear parents and carers,

As you know, due to the recent lockdown announcements BRAC is currently closed. 

Please bear with us whilst we wait for information as to whether we can or cannot open for children of keyworkers.

 As per the last lockdown we need to work with school on this as the requirement to keep the children of essential workers and vulnerable children in school is a greater priority than keeping BRAC open. There is a possibility that BRAC may need to step aside to allow school to use the space we usually occupy or that depending on the numbers of attendance it is just not feasible for us to run in a safe way. Please note that BRAC is a private organisation separate from the school but we still need to ensure we are doing our part to safeguard the children’s education and safety as a priority, and weigh up the risk to children and staff based on our own assessments.

Whilst we wait for more information it would be useful to find out what the need for BRAC is at this time. If you have a child/ren with a keyworker place in school then please let us know by emailing if having BRAC available is essential for you and your family. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee anything at this time but we will let you know as soon as we can.

Many thanks,

BRAC Management